That Thing I Typically Avoid Talking About

Alright, guys. Here it goes. I’m gonna do it.

I’m gonna talk about politics.

Ugh, I freaking hate politics, first of all. I hate how it makes people act, like they’ve forgotten every lesson their parents ever taught them about correct, decent behavior. I hate how much power politics has over people and how much power it gives people that have no right to it.

A few days ago, I was walking with my boyfriend through the streets of my little town. We were on a nature walk, which, as you can probably guess, was supposed to be a way to relax ourselves after a stressful week. We were peacefully strolling through my neighborhood when a car screeches past us with the windows down and a kid leans out of the driver’s seat and screams, “VOTE FOR TRUMP.”


I’m sorry, but this kid looked like he wasn’t even old enough to drive, so there was no way he was old enough to vote.

This experience scared me, to be honest. It made me fear for my country.

I do not know a lot about politics. I know that there are two main parties– Republicans and Democrats. Now, most of my family is Republican. Most of the politicians that made my parents scrunch their noses and frown were Democratic.

I am… neither. Both. I don’t know.

I don’t want to be either of those.

I just want to be Molly.

I think it is the absolute dumbest thing ever for the two parties to fight over issues like Marriage Equality, Abortion, etc.

Since when does government get to dictate happiness and agency? Since when does someone else get to sit there and tell you what you can and can’t do with your life? Excuse me, you stupidheads, but did I ask you? No? Then stop talking about it!

Do I support gay marriage? Yes.

Am I pro-life? If you are asking if I support the creation of life, then yes. If you are asking if I think I have some convoluted say in what a woman does with her body, then no.

You are allowed to not like something. You are allowed to not like people. You are allowed to not want something for yourself.

This does not mean you get to condemn anyone else who has a different viewpoint.

For instance, some religions strongly believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. This is fine, but no one has the right to decide whether or not a homosexual couple can get married.

Let’s say I believe in the traditional sense of marriage. Okay, fine. I’m entitled to my own beliefs. However, my entitlement ends there. I can make the decision for myself, yes. I can decide that I am straight and that I desire to marry a man. I have made that decision. However, I have no grounds to make that decision for anyone else.

I do not understand why this concept is so hard to grasp for the rest of the population. We are human beings. Each of us has the ability to make choices. If someone does something that does not hurt anyone else, but makes them happy, why are we so determined to find a problem with it?

If I have two male friends that decide they are in love and want to get married, is it going to affect me?

Heck yes, because I’m going to have to buy a dress for when I go to their wedding and tell them that I’m glad they’ve found someone that they want to spend the rest of their lives with!

Other than that, no. No, it does not. Two people have found happiness. It’s not like their getting married will suddenly invalidate any marriage I may or may not have in the future. It’s not going to cause all heterosexual marriages across the world to disintegrate.

To put it extremely simply, imagine you don’t like carrots. You think they’re a disgrace to all other vegetables and you hate them, so you never eat them. This is perfectly fine. But when you start preaching to the rest of the world that carrots are damned and should be burned at the stake and never eaten again, you turn into a lunatic.

Listen to yourself, people. You’re literally complaining about someone else’s life choices that IN NO WAY AT ALL HAVE ANY IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE.

You don’t have to sacrifice your beliefs.

But you desperately need to sacrifice your hate.

My generation is full of dreamers and creators and open minds and hope. The generation before me is filled with hatred and oppression and judgement.

If something doesn’t change, my generation is going to be broken. The hatred is going to sink down until it blackens every once youthful heart. It is going to stop people like me from sticking up for those that society deems “wrong” in some way. It is going to cause us to start attacking instead of defending.

Someone on my Facebook feed posted a status recently about how hatred isn’t illegal.

They were right. It isn’t. I don’t like the word “hate,” but I’ve definitely had strong negative feelings towards people before. I’ve glared and rolled my eyes and wished they would move to Canada so I would never have to be in the same room as them again. But you know what? I didn’t dislike them because of their choices. I didn’t dislike them because of their skin color or their religion or their beliefs. I disliked them because they wronged me in some way or because they stared at my boyfriend.

Hatred isn’t illegal, but it is wrong.

The world needs to stop looking at people and their pasts. Instead of their sins, look for their goodness. Instead of skin color, look at their hearts.

People are fundamentally different. We all work in different ways. But we also all breathe the same air. We all walk on the same Earth and we all have the same right to be here.

We all deserve to be happy and that’s not something anyone has a right to change.

So when you vote in the Presidential election, please please please, do not choose hatred. Do not choose someone purely because they are in your political party or because they share some of your beliefs. Choose human life. Choose happiness. Choose equality.

But most importantly, choose kindness and love. Choose acceptance.

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