The Genius of Small

As I have continued to make friends and connections throughout my college career, several courses and professors have stood out to me. One example of a professor that really influenced me with his class is Jeff Benedict. Throughout his course, he introduced us to several individuals who were exemplary in their fields.

I learned several things during this class that helped me during my final project. First of all, you want your audience to expect something to happen, but be surprised at the way it happened. This was really helpful to me as I navigated through plot points and characters.

Another tip I learned during this course was to allow things to change. You may have one idea of how your story is going to go, but anything can change at any moment. You can think of a new character or a new plot point that you cannot imagine your story without. This may force you to change your plot or your ending or your overall theme. This does not mean that you have failed as writer. It simply means you have found a new direction to travel in during the course of your novel or article.

Being a writer means being adaptable. It means being able to look at your story objectively and decide if something needs to be taken away or added. A story is a living, breathing work. It needs to be nurtured and taken care of because you never know if you will need to bring it back or start over.

As I worked on my short story for my final project, I found myself thinking back to each visit we had during the Jeff’s class. From the NFL Films crew to the writers from Power, each meeting left me feeling inspired and ready to conquer my project. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities I received from this class.


Your favorite bookworm ❤